Technical Repair/ Restoration: $85/hr - $400/day for on-site studio maintenance / wiring. 
- repair/restore vintage recording equipment, consoles, outboard gear, tape machines, mics
- repair, and modify tube, and solid state amps.  
- studio consultation/ installation, and wiring.

In addition to doing ANYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE to elevate the most talentless acts to a heightened state of mediocrity and mass appeal that most good american idols have always hoped to attain, I also use this sometimes leaky umbrella to shill my technical repair services which I learned from notable techs in the industry ranging from Jeff Blenkinsopp who had worked as keyboard tech for Pink Floyd forever, and transformed The Secret Machines into the band we loved to see live, to Ken Mckimm, Chris Muth, and Burt Price, three industry leaders in studio design, installation, and maintenance who have had a major hand in about every major studio on the eastern seaboard.